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Every great journey has a humble beginning, and Beyond Xpeditions is no exception. What started as a shared passion for exploration and the thrill of the unknown has blossomed into a pioneering venture that redefines travel itself.

Beyond Xpeditions was born from the dreams of a team of overland expedition experts who believed that travel should be more than just a destination—it should be an experience that transforms, enriches, and empowers. We set out with a simple yet audacious mission: to take the curious, the daring, and the explorers at heart to the unique & off-beat parts of the globe, introducing them to cultures, landscapes, and adventures they had never imagined.

Our journey has been fueled by a commitment to authenticity, luxury, and a dash of adventure. We’ve ventured off the beaten path, away from the clichés, and into the embrace of the extraordinary.

Our horizons are boundless, and our dreams are as vast as the landscapes we traverse. We envision Beyond Xpeditions becoming synonymous with extraordinary journeys, where every traveler becomes a storyteller, and every expedition leaves an indelible mark on the heart.

Here’s to the adventures that await, the stories that beckon, and the extraordinary that lies Beyond.


Embarking on the Beyond Xpeditions Journey: My Story


Founder & CEO

Dear Adventurers

I want to take this moment to share with you the incredible journey that led me to create Beyond Xpeditions—a journey fueled by passion, exploration, and the unwavering belief in the power of transformation through travel.

My story unfolds not in boardrooms, but amidst the thrilling world of off-roading which I started at a very young age, thanks to my father who introduced me to this sport. It was in the exhilarating rush of off-road escapades that I discovered a deep connection with adventure that went beyond the confines of everyday life.

In 2012, I made the bold decision to leaving the corporate world and dive headfirst into the world of off-road events. These experiences laid the groundwork for what would eventually become Beyond Xpeditions. I continued my journey by collaborating with one of India’s biggest Automobile company from 2015 to 2018, learning from industry veterans and refining my understanding of the adventure travel landscape.

In 2019, the vision for Beyond Xpeditions crystallized. I saw an opportunity to redefine luxury travel, focusing on small, tight-knit groups that could truly connect with each other and the places they explored. Cultural immersion, unique experiences, and exceptional hospitality became the cornerstones of our expeditions. 

As I delved deeper into the realm of expeditions, a new idea took root—a vision to combine the thrill of motorsport with team building, to create something extraordinary. This marked the genesis of “Track of Sapience (TOS),” a program designed to infuse the spirit of motorsport into team dynamics. Through TOS, we aimed to offer teams a unique blend of camaraderie and competition, all set against the backdrop of the great outdoors.

Our team at Beyond Xpeditions is a mix of passionate experts who share my commitment to providing unforgettable experiences. From people with unique skills to our team ensuring impeccable execution, each member contributes to the magic that defines our expeditions.


Amazing! Once in a lifetime adventure to Bhutan. Beyond Xpeditions did a great job -every detail was taken care of from hotels to food to check in to hiking trails, including Tigers nest. I was nervous about traveling from the US to Bhutan, but I felt very safe and comfortable. HIGHLY recommend this service, I will definitely use again for my next adventure. We went on a five-day trip to Bhutan that covered all the major highlights. Got to experience nature, culture, food and great service.
Priti Kaur Sood
19 people, 6 nights, 4 places and so many activities… all handled so well. Our one-week trip to Bhutan was amazingly well organised by Beyond Xpeditions. Each and every finer detail was taken care of. It was surely Beyond Xpectations!
Ranjan Bargotra
The awesome experience of Bhutan, organised by Beyond Xpeditions. For me it was a dream come true. Just asking for it and than rest was taken care in such a smooth manner right from bookings to sightseeing's to hiking to shopping and what not. The real experience of Bhutan with authentic cuisines, cultural night and peaceful stay. Bhutan itself is beautiful however when planning and organising is so smooth it makes experience multifold. 6 nights 7 days with group of 19 people was super awesome. Beyond Xpeditions made it Beyond expectations. Look forward to having such experience again.
Bharti Verma
Amazing trip planned and executed by Beyond Xpeditions. I had an experience of a lifetime in Bhutan. All needs and requirements were fully taken care of. Thanks, Kaniyshk.
Rashmi Sharma
Went to Bhutan with a group of 20 people, everything was so well planned, hotels and food were great. Covered so much in just a week.
Arnav Kalra
Did the Spiti expedition with Beyond Xpeditions and what a wonderful experience it was. It was my first time in Spiti and the team ensured we were okay and had a great time despite unpredictable changes in weather, landslides and thunder storms. They made sure everyone was comfortable and tried to accomodate most requests of the group. The stays they chose were incredible – each one unique, luxurious and hospitable, despite being located in extreme weather. The highlights of the trip were river crossing in Thar, off-road drive on the most treacherous road in the world, visiting the highest post office and restaurant, staying in tents in an apple orchard by the riverside and so much more. The boys from the core team – Kanishk and Vikram – ensured they stuck to the itinerary and made sure everyone had a great time. What a well planned and executed trip. Definitely recommended. Just goooooo!!!
Flexcia Dsouza
I just concluded the Spiti Xpedition with BX and It was an amazing experience. There are millions of reasons why you should pack your bags and travel with Beyond Xpeditions asap.. mentioned below are just a few.. 1. The Crew - Excellent bunch of people led by Kanishyk and Vikram, passionate about what they do, as a result you get to experience their attention to detail. They make every effort to ensure the xplorer is comfortable and his needs are taken care of. 2. Going that xtra mile : Unlike many, You can ask for any help from Kanishyk and crew, they are very generous, understanding, respectful and makes sure you are having a great time. 3. You can travel solo, you can be a female traveler, you can be a couple or a group. Everyone feels safe at all times. 4. Experience: They have so much knowledge and experience about travel and various places in diff places. Just sit back follow their trial and enjoy. I barely write reviews but this group definitely deserves all the love and much more. I would strongly recommend to go follow them on Facebook and Instagram and be part of their next expedition.
Sunil N
Beyond expeditions team delivers beyond expectations! I just completed a 10-day road trip to the northeast with them. The attention to detail they provide is simply superb. From providing inputs on preparing for the trip, taking care of little details (a luggage tag, name tag, a booklet detailing each day's adventure), ensuring the participants' needs are well taken care of, they definitely go many miles out of the way to see their clients are totally comfortable. Not to mention their experience in managing such adventures, i can only imagine what would go behind in preparing for such an expedition. Would I go another expedition with them? Certainly! Would I recommend them to my friends, colleagues and family? Without batting an eyelid!! Thank you Kanishk, Vikram Bakshi, Vikram Kapur, Gagan and Akash for all the hard with you did to see us comfortable!!
Hemanth Rao
Wonderful set of people organising amazing experiences! I did a 10-day expedition with them to the Northeast recently, and I was blown away by the activities they curated, the attention to detail they provided, and just about everything they had to offer from the accommodations they handpicked to the restaurants / picnic lunches we ate at to all the clean washrooms they ensured finding enroute which is especially important to women. I was a solo female traveler and not for once did I feel unsafe being part of this group. I can safely say I’ll be part of this family for years to come and will join them for more trips in the future! If you’re on the fence about joining an expedition with BX, don’t be! You’ll not regret being a part of their trips 🙂 Thanks Team BX!
Akila Krishnamurthy
Beyond Expeditions blew me out, it’s Beyond Expectations! I was part of their Northeast Escape. A very professional team with rich experience in curating the circuit offering a mix of terrain and challenges. Besides the challenges, the BX team is a bunch of high energy people who engage with you personally in ensuring your comfort and experience. Kanishk Mallick, Vikram Bakshi & Vikrum Kapur pay personalised attention to all the participants. BX professionalism is addictive!
Srikanth N R
Travelled with Beyond Xpeditions to Leh. Had an awesome experience! Kanishk and his team are a professional bunch of people who take care of every small detail. Hats off to them. Would love to travel with them again!
Pratibha Jadon
Absolutely impeccable planning and execution!
Shanti Bhanot


Beyond Xpeditions specializes in organizing off-beat expeditions for adventurous and curious explorers who seek unique experiences. In an innovative and informative environment, we cater to the most experimentative customers, ensuring their satisfaction and skill enhancement throughout the journey.