Zanskar Overland

About Zanskar

Zanskar Valley is renowned for its pristine landscapes, where dramatic cliffs, serene rivers, and expansive meadows create a mesmerizing tapestry. The heart of the valley remains frozen for a significant part of the year, earning it the moniker “Chadar,” the frozen river trek, which draws intrepid trekkers from around the world. Located in the union territory of Ladakh, India, this remote and enchanting region is a haven for adventurers and seekers of untouched beauty.


Visit the 8th-century-old rock carvings in Padum.

Visit the famous Phugtal Monastery

Visit Sani Monastery – one of the eight holiest Buddhist sites in the world that houses one of the 108 chortens constructed by emperor Kanishka in the first century AD.

Visit some of the high altitude mountain passes such as Shinkhu La, Pensi La, Namika La, Umba La .

Drive through the ATAL TUNNEL

Watch the largest river confluence(Zanskar & Indus)

Tailor-made dining experiences immersed in nature


Local art and cultural performances

Expedition Details


INR 80,000/- per pax +5% GST


20th Sept. to 01st Oct. 2023


11 Days, 10 Nights

Region, Country

Zanskar Valley, Himachal Pradesh


Min 5°C / Max 24°C


Tarmac & Off-Road

Expedition Vehicle

Own Vehicle (4×4) or Rent through us

Group Size

10 Likeminded Individuals


A brief plan outlining each day’s activities.


Arrive at Chandigarh

Arrive from your base location and check-in to the hotel for Registration and Briefing.
Stay: Hyatt Regency or Similar


Chandigarh - Jispa

Embark on a picturesque drive through Manali and Atul Tunnel along the way.
Stay: Padma Lodge



Enjoy a free day at Jispa while you acclimatize for your adventures ahead. Enjoy a half-day off-roading and River crossing activity.


Jispa - Padum

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey from Jispa to Padum, traversing the challenging Shinkhula Pass and encountering the revered Ragan Gompa, where adventure and spirituality converge in the heart of the Himalayas.



Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of Padum as you spend a day exploring its enchanting surroundings and delving into the spiritual essence of the region by visiting the nearby monasteries that hold centuries of wisdom and serenity.
Stay: TBD


Padum - Rangdum

Embark on an exhilarating drive from Padum to Rangdum, where the road unfolds through breathtaking landscapes, revealing the raw beauty and untamed spirit of the Zanskar region.
Stay: TBD


Rangdum - Kargil

Get on an epic journey from Rangdum to Kargil via Zangla, Lingshed, Singe La, Sirsir La, and Lamayuru, tracing a route that weaves through rugged terrains and high mountain passes, offering a remarkable blend of adventure and awe-inspiring vistas.
Stay: D'zojila



Indulge in the freedom to explore and unwind as you spend a leisurely day in Kargil, discovering the town's unique charm, local flavors, and hidden gems.


Kargil - Padum

Venture into the heart of adventure as you navigate a rugged off-road route from Kargil to Padum through Suru Valley, conquering the formidable Pensi La pass, marveling at the magnificent Drung Drang Glacier, and pausing for a satisfying lunch at Rangdum – a voyage that seamlessly merges thrill, panoramic vistas, and gastronomic delight.
Stay: TBD


Padum - Purne

Experience the mesmerizing drive from Padum to Purne, relishing the ever-changing vistas that paint a vivid backdrop to your Zanskar Expedition memories.
Stay: Padma Lodge


Purne - Manali

Complete your incredible journey from Jispa to Manali, where the Zanskar Expedition culminates. You'll have the option to either join us on the drive to Chandigarh the following day or extend your stay in Manali at your own pace, savoring the freedom to choose the perfect conclusion to your expedition experience.
Stay: Aloka Resort

What Makes Us Different?

Cultural Immersion & Beyond

Our Zanskar Expedition isn't just about the journey; it's a deep dive into the heart of Zanskar's culture. We pride ourselves on facilitating genuine interactions with local communities, allowing you to truly connect and understand the region's rich heritage, traditions, and way of life.

Expertly Curated Off-The-Beaten-Path Routes

Unlike typical expeditions, we take you beyond the obvious routes, unveiling hidden gems and lesser-known landscapes. Our team of seasoned explorers has meticulously crafted routes that blend adventure with exploration, ensuring you witness the untouched beauty of Zanskar that many may never experience.

Sustainable Adventure Ethos

We hold a strong commitment to preserving the pristine environment and supporting local sustainability. Throughout the expedition, we adhere to Leave No Trace principles, minimize our ecological footprint, and engage in activities that positively impact the local communities, fostering responsible tourism and leaving a positive legacy.

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